Industries We Serve


X-L Plastics™ pharmaceutical bags are top-of-the-line and fulfill all required specifications. With advanced features, the pouches keep contents sterile and allow for the safe transport of medicines. All pharmaceutical bags, films, liners, and covers must follow strict regulations to guarantee maximum health and safety. X-L Plastics™ bags are produced with 100% prime virgin resins; our specialized Champtuf™ resins meet FDA 21CFR 177.1 520 regulations as well as being EU compliant.

food service

X-L Plastics™ specially designated food service industry bags and liners are comprised of FDA-approved components. Food that is packaged in these bags is safe to ingest.


X-L Plastics™ bags for industrial and janitorial industries are suitably durable for heavy use.


X-L Plastics™ products for the commercial market include numerous kinds of liners, bags, film, etc. As always, bags can be customized to suit your specific needs.


X-L Plastics™ produces bags with appropriate logos for specimen transport and hazardous waste removal. Our bags are used for purposes of asbestos, nuclear waste, biohazard waste, radioactive waste, lead waste, and medical waste. All bags and liners comply with Federal, State, and Local laws, and are manufactured to withstand the handling of hazardous waste.